Site Infrastructure

The Western New York Science and Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (WNY STAMP) project is the development of New York State’s second shovel-ready mega-site (>1,000 acres) for nano-technology oriented manufacturing and R&D companies.

A validated Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development “Priority Project”

1,250 acre site, located in the Town of Alabama, Genesee County, New York

5 Miles off of the NYS Interstate I-90 Pembroke exit 48A

  • The Natural convergence of mega infrastructure make the WNY STAMP site perfect for nano-technology oriented manufacturing including semiconductor, flat panel, photovoltaic, advanced manufacturing and bio-manufacturing.

Power Profile

  • 13.2 kV distribution line can service 2.5 MW per user
  • National Grid 115 kV transmission lines 30 MW
  • New York Power Authority dual 345 kV bulk transmission lines 200 MW

230 MW Power on site with capacity planned for 500 + MW

  • A National Grid Regional Transmission Study, completed in December of 2010, confirms that 200 MW are available via 345kV interconnect
  • A systems interconnect study is planned in the neat term to investigate power availability of 500 MW+

Power Rates

  • NYPA hydro-power ~$0.035 kWh delivered
  • National Grid Re-Charge NY ~$0.06 kWh delivered
  • Market Rate (June 2014) ~$0.078 kWh delivered

Natural Gas on site from the Empire Pipeline

  • Onsite 24” high pressure industrial class natural gas transmission line

Water/ Sewer capacity

  • Inexpensive and available water and sewer
  • Up to 12 MGD of water supply- municipal water source with excess capacity
  • Up to 12 MGD sewer capacity- municipal sewer source with excess capacity


Three zoning districts exist for the STAMP Campus

  • Technology District 1- Technology Manufacturing
  • Technology District 2- technology manufacturing, R&D, light manufacturing
  • Commercial Retail- office, commercial, mixed use, and retail

Western New York is below national average on construction cost RS Means = 94-99

57,427 Construction industry jobs in 15 County Region

WNY STAMP campus rendering looking east
WNY STAMP campus rendering looking north