With the completion of a full generic environmental impact study and the zoning to match semiconductor uses, companies can expect expedited permitting at the WNY STAMP site.

The WNY STAMP site, 1250 acres, is zoned for four distinct uses. The main manufacturing campus (604 acres) and the supply chain campus (320 acres) is zoned to allow semiconductor manufacturing through Tech Zoning. The R & D and office park portion of the campus (235 acres) is zoned to allow for office building, R & D, and light manufacturing. The retail portion of the campus (72) acres is zoned for retail commercial uses.

The STAMP site manufacturing campus is zoned as a Technology District 1 (“TD1”). Permitted uses in the TD1 include technology manufacturing which is defined as “The use, research and development, demonstration, manufacturing and/or distribution of advanced technologies in modern industries such as energy, communications, information and computing technologies, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, including but not limited to semiconductors and semiconductor devices, computing technology and data centers, flat panel display technology and components including light emitting diodes and liquid crystal display, renewable energy, solar photovoltaic, and any related enabler technologies that employ advanced manufacturing techniques and/or resources such as micro technology or nanotechnology or other manufacturing, industrial or commercial uses appropriate to STAMP”.

Other TD1 regulations require a minimum lot size of 100,000 square feet and a maximum building height of 110 feet. Site Plan approval from the local Planning Board will be required prior to construction and will be facilitated by the GCEDC.